Our wedding is a celebration of a lot of things, really. Not only does it celebrate our 10 years together and our new future, but it also signals the end of a long era of scrimping and sacrifice. We have been in school working on improving our knowledge, skills, and future almost our entire relationship. While we've tried to travel some--our biggest passion--we've hardly left our town in the past several years. We don't need anything material as we've made a comfortable and complete life in the decade we've been together. So, when thinking about how to answer the question of which gifts we'd accept, we realized we could only ever accept assistance toward fulfilling our passion to travel. Experiences with each other help us learn and grow, and make us richer than any material goods could. We understand completely that traveling is expensive, so we only request that you travel to see us if you're able; but, if you want to donate to our plans to visit Japan for our honeymoon, we would be grateful and heartened.

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